The advent of online learning has made the task easier by introducing online classes for all grades. Virtual tutors are in high demand and provide effective solutions that students can grab easily to understand the particular subject. An education website provides the content for learning whereas an online teacher assists the student and ensures that he has learnt the concept with no ambiguity. The traditional way of hiring a tutor that a person comes to your home once or twice, a week makes no longer a sense for today’s generation of  technology savvy students. Since,students may  need a help anytime, it’s the major criteria that puts online in demand.

An improved academic performance and clear understanding of concepts is the main motive while studying online.
Why should I choose online tutoring over the traditional personal tutoring for my child?
You no longer have to shell those many dollars to enhance the knowledge and academic performance of your child.Online classes provide quality content with technology driven teaching aids and teaching experts guidance at each step.

My Tutorial Academy provides you quality learning lessons with an affordable price of per hour for regular school subject based tutoring.

Competitive Tests/Intensive Learning Programme: ILP:

1.Opportunity Class Test–Comprehensive and recapitulation programme.

2. Selective School Test Year 7 entry, NSW-Comprehensive and recapitulation programme.

3. Selective School Test Year 9 entry, Victoria–Comprehensive and recapitulation programme. 

4. NAPLAN – Year -3, 5, 7 and 9


6. John Monash Science School Test/JMSS

7. Scholarship Tests

8. 11 plus Test

9. SAT

10. For costing and more details on Competitive tests plz call support@+91-9811903231

Regular Course: Tutoring on Maths, Science, English Language (Reading, Writing, Language Conventions).

Costing and other details about above specified tests can be discussed further. Please contact us for further queries and details.

Apart from the quality learning content and expert teaching guidance we will be sharing the student progress report for your child each month which represents the clear scenario of the contents taught, revision and tests conducted,performance score card.
To ensure that the child learns thoroughly we conduct weekly tests to boost learning and share the academic progress with you.

We assist students with English, Maths, Science from Foundation years up to Year-12.
Right from Primary, Elementary to High School level – we scrutinize the learning needs of your child and assist closely to help him reach his potential learning curve.

We provide rigorous and expert teaching to your child to beat the competition and have an edge over the others in various competitive tests- SAT, NAPLAN, OC test, Melbourne High School Test, Selective High School Test and scholarship tests.

Satisfied parents and a happy student is our sole motto.
We assure a 1 month money back guarantee if you are still not satisfied with the teaching programme

Just academic learning can’t develop multiple intelligence nor it can improve your child’s intelligence, hence we introduced the concept of natural learning through interesting activities like: crossword puzzles, cryptograms, mind benders, Scramble, Loop the Loop, Mathematical puzzles and many more.

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