Parent Consent Form

1.Introduction : My tutorial Academy provides one to one live tutoring and online group
classes to student at various locations: US,UK, Canada,Australia,New Zealand, India and others.
Our objective is to assist student reach his full potential through interactive, fun-based
learning. Our faculty comprises of the best educators who impart qualitative tutoring through
personal assistance and counselling.
We primarily focus on delivering a customized teaching model/CTM with student centric
teaching methodology.
Our learning programme is well supported with regular student assessments and evaluation
duly shared with parent on month-on-month (MOM) basis.
2.Teaching Methodology: We provide online education through a web based live interactive audio-visual interface as a common interaction platform for student and the educator.
Each subject lesson is of a minimum duration of 60 minutes per day 
delivered through a subject expert and well qualified educator (Tutor’s academic
credentials and qualifications are as per the Indian Education standards.
Our live tutoring services are 24x7 available to students across the globe based on both student and teacher’s availability.
3.Client's responsibility: Clients should be aware that this educational program is to facilitate
learning by remote tuitions through electronic media. While every effort is made to tailor
the course and the coaching methods for success of the students, ultimately individual
student is responsible for the final outcome and achievements.
For more details please contact our support team at
Or call us at +91-9811903231
4.Teaching process and operating procedures: Information about Class cancellation or rescheduling of a lesson should be provided to MTAC team by the parent at least a day prior to the scheduled lesson.
Communication to the teacher about the class cancellation request or rescheduling must be provided in written by the parent to the subject teacher, else the
lesson will considered as conducted, hence applicable for payments through invoicing by MTAC.
In case parents want to take the web camera based live tutoring, they have to provide their
consent and acknowledgement to My Tutorial Academy at: to be responsible to bear all live experiences a student will undergo during the live web-cam based online tutoring.
5.Disclaimer: While every effort is made for the success of the students, students' success and learning achievements are a student’s self responsibility and the student will be solely responsible for his academic achievements and outcome. 
Payment Policy: All payment s to be made through electronic fund transfer in favour of MTAC on monthly basis.
7. Refund Policy: In case of ending the association with My Tutorial Academy, both MTAC and  student must clear and settle all dues towards the tutoring services availed from My Tutorial Academy, if any throughout his period of association with MTAC within 60 days from date of student exit from MTAC.
8. Termination : In case of termination of services with MTAC, a month prior notice by parents shall be communicated through email to the MTAC team at
9. Confidentiality: Any educational content, teaching resource provided by MTAC to its
students must not be shared with anyone else, failure to which will lead to
immediate withdrawl of tutoring services by MTAC.
10. Indemnity: My tutorial Academy will put all due efforts to assist the student achieve his
potential outcomes, however the Parent/Guardian undertakes to indemnify My Tutorial
Academy for the student’s  performance and academic result/score.

For more details please contact our support team at

Or call us at +91-9811903231